I Wish I Had Finished High School

Questions About High School Equivalency Tests

Q: I didn't graduate from high school. What can I do?

A: There are two high school equivalency tests that lead to a high school credential: GED® and HiSET®. Both of these tests are similar, but they have some differences, too.

Q: How can I get information about each of the tests?

A: Each test has a website that is full of information and sample questions:   www.ged.com and www.hiset.org

Q: Which tests can I take in my state?

Some states offer both tests, and some states offer only one. You can go to each test's website to see if it is offered in your state.   www.ged.com and www.hiset.org

Q: How long will it take me to prepare for a high school equivalency test?

A: That all depends on you. Each student has a different amount of previous knowledge and time to devote to studying. However, the lessons in the ā€œIā€™m Not Afraid ... Anymore!ā€ materials are designed to give you exactly the information and practice that you need to prepare.

Q: Is there any advantage to taking one test over the other test?

A: The GED® test is only available as a computer-based test. The HiSET® test is available as a computer-based test or as a paper and pencil test; however, scoring takes longer for the paper and pencil version.

Q: Are both tests accepted by technology centers and colleges?

A: Yes. Technology centers and colleges are now accepting the diploma or credential that you receive when you pass the HiSET® test in addition to accepting the GED® test. The HiSET® test is also listed on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Q: How do I register for a test?

A: You must register online for all the high school equivalency tests by going to each test's website:   www.ged.com or www.hiset.org.