Testimony from a New Adult Education Teacher Rebecca Clark
"The I’m Not Afraid Publications curriculum is comprehensive and easy to understand. It provides lessons, videos, and foldables that allow students to clearly see the concepts. Our school has just begun offering GED®/HiSet® sessions, and it is easy to teach and understand even for teachers without a math background. It is written in such a way to give students the confidence and skills they need to pass the test. I highly recommend this for any school wishing to find a curriculum to prepare students for the GED® or HiSet® test. It is a wonderful and easy-to-follow course! " - Rebecca Clark, GED®/HiSet® Instructor, Metro Technology Center, Oklahoma City, OK
NEW: A Quick Guide to the HiSET Math Test
"Many students have had success with my original version of math for the HiSET® Math Test, but in the spring of 2023, I felt it was time to update the book to more closely align with the latest HiSET® Math Official Practice Tests. Our results at the Oklahoma City Community College have exceeded my expectations! Not only have our upper-level students typically been scoring at the college-ready level, we have even had lower-level students scoring significantly above the minimum passing score. And all of that has been achieved in about half the time as before! Like all my other textbooks, this book is available in a PRINTABLE/PROJECTABLE version as well as a pre-printed book." - Susan E. Bernard, OCCC Coordinator of High School Equivalency Preparation and author of the "I'm Not Afraid... Anymore" series
HiSET® Math book
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GED® Math book
GED® Math:
Angela Payne
"I purchased Susan's book, "I'm Not Afraid of Math Anymore!" about three years ago. This was one of the best books I have ever purchased. As a GED® instructor, we always need resources that are simple. I love the way Susan shows examples and illustrations of every math problem. Her examples and explanations of how to solve the problems were so simple and easy to understand. Her book allowed me to better understand how to solve math problems such as equations, proportions, and geometry. I also loved the color coding, the activities, and the words of encouragements. Keep up the good work, Susan! " - Angela Payne, Instructional Specialist-Coach, Dallas County Community College District
Learning can not occur without connections to prior knowledge.
"I felt lost with the math on the new GED® practice test, but now with your GED® book, I'm having fun teaching algebra again. Thanks, Susan." - Janie Davis, GED Tutor for the Pioneer Library System, Shawnee, Oklahoma
"Como maestra de GED®, haber usado este libro fue de mucha ayuda para mis estudiantes y con buenos resultados. Por esta razón recomiendo este libro para preparación del GED®." - Martha Pierce, ELL GED® Teacher, Oklahoma City Community College
Translation: As a teacher of GED®, having used this book has resulted in providing much help for my students. For this reason I recommend this book for preparing for GED®.
Testimony from a Long-Time Customer Kristal_Stanley
"Susan Bernard’s 'I’m Not Afraid…Anymore' I have taught GED classes for Madisonville Community College for 22 years now. Throughout my career, your series of “I’m Not Afraid of Math Anymore!”b> has been my go-to for math magic. Adult learners tend to enter our program with a fear of Math and your books are the perfect fix. Not only are they precise in GED® content, but students love the relaxing teaching style. I am a firm believer in building a positive Math Mindset and your books are the perfect match. Thank you for all that you do!!" - Kristal Stanley, Madisonville Community College, Central City, KY
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Testimony from COABE 2017 Runner-up Administrator of the Year Kathryn B. Thompson
"Susan Bernard’s 'I’m Not Afraid…Anymore' books are based on her own experience in the classroom working with adult students. Listening to her talk about how she developed the materials to meet the needs of her own students, I knew right away that these would be great for our students as well. Sure enough, we have found them to be very helpful and a great tool for students of all levels! Plus, the price is right. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed." - Kathryn B. Thompson, CFRE, Executive Director of Tarrant Literacy Coalition, Fort Worth, TX
Video: Part_1_Who_What_When_Where_How
Video: Part_2_Reading_and_Social_Studies
Video: Part_3_Science
GED® Math book
Pre-HSE Math - for GED® and HiSET®:
Math Manipulatives
"We started the class yesterday with your Pre-HSE math and the hands-on-activities, and it was fun. This is just what our program needed! It is a great product." - Pat Johnson, Center of Hope, Weatherford, Texas
Jamie Zuluaga
"Este libro es fantástico. Los estudiantes tienen acceso a los temas mas relevantes que han de encontrar en el examen de validación de la secundaria. Los temas son cubiertos en una manera alegre y divertida, haciendo de esta una experiencia agradable. Lo recomendaría a todos los estudiantes que esten pensando en tomar el examen de validación de la secundaria." - Jaime Zuluaga, ELL Pre-HSE Teacher, Oklahoma City Community College
Translation: "This book is fantastic. Students have access to the most relevant topics they face in a high school equivalency test. The subject is covered in a very friendly and amusing way, making it fun to learn from. I will recomend it to every student that is preparing for an HSE test."
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HSE Writing book

A Guide to the HiSET® Writing Test:

"In order to improve writing skills to obtain a high school equivalency credential, 'I'm Not Afraid of Writing Anymore!' provides skills a student will need to master. Lessons are presented in a user-friendly way using color and graphics. The practice exercises offer repetition after each lesson, so the student can assess progress in the skills. Part Two provides instruction and easy-to-understand examples for evaluating evidence and writing an argumentative essay. This book has proven to be a valuable tool for students in my classes." - Pam Watts, Teacher, Oklahoma City Community College
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Have Fun and Build Retention with Kahoot Quizzes

Reinforce your students' learning with Kahoot! quizzes. This is the most fun thing that I have ever done in my classes! There are Kahoot! quizzes to correlate with the "I'm Not Afraid... Anymore!" curriculum for GED®-HSE Math, Science, and Writing. Click here for step-by-step instructions.